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How to still your mind, relax your body and leave stress behind

One of the worst causes of stress coming at us today is the speed at which we get flooded with thoughts, pondering, worries and so forth. So often we find ourselves mentally multi-tasking on so many levels. Our emotions aren’t given a chance to catch up with what is coming in from the outside. Our emotions haven’t had the chance to warn us about this flood of feelings not vibrating in tune with us.

With the chaos coming at us from work, play, travel, to name a few sources, is it any wonder humans suffer most of their dis-eases from stress? Stress causes heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, cancer, etc. Stress is a killer. Up there at the top of the heap, looming over us, wondering when we’ll keel over from its weight.

To avoid stress, is to begin to control your life. Without stress, you become healthier, your thoughts become more directed and clear, your skin glows, your eyes seem brighter and your emotions level out. The more stress you eliminate from your life, the better you’ll feel and function. Once you begin to habituate stress-free behavior, you’ll see that your life truly can be magic. Amazing how clear and pleasant our lives can be without stress clogging the lens. Learning to still that part of you most susceptible to stress is part of mastering your life.

Still your mind – Take time each day to sit quietly and. Push all thoughts from it. Hard as that may sound, it’s like anything else and takes practice. Each day you’ll be able to quiet your mind more and more, until one day you find you can feel the gentle silence wrap itself around you and comfort you with its distinct lack of chaotic cosmic noise.

If you find you must concentrate on something….that you’re unable to let stillness take over, then concentrate on the things you’d love most in your life. Look at them with joy and smile, knowing that this process is creative and will result in manifestation.

Still your body – As important as stilling the mind, bringing the body to full stop and letting it recharge, is paramount to a stress free life. Each day, take twenty minutes to breath deeply and actually concentrate on relaxing each part of your body. Start with your toes and feet, ankle legs, etc. Move up your frame and literally feel yourself relaxing. Sink into what you’re sitting or laying on. Let your body completely relax.

Breathe – Living is about oxygenating our bodies and minds. To begin the task of healing our bodies of the damage stress has already inflicted us with, breathing is the most important element of all. Most humans breathe far too shallowly. Not nearly making the best use of the oxygen our bodies so desperately need. When you inhale, inhale deeply and evenly. When you think you’ve breathed your fill, inhale just a bit more. If possible, draw your inhalations through your nose, to filter the air. Our noses are amazing antipollution machines. When you exhale, let your breath out through your mouth, to cleanse the back of your throat, a place that has a tendency to hold and breed germs. When you think you’ve exhaled completely, push out just a bit more. Our lungs tend to hold that little bit at the end, and it can get stale and stagnant in our systems.

Stretch – You don’t have to be a pro at yoga to stretch your way to health. Of course, you should have regular exercise in your life, but stretching is paramount to a supple and relaxed body. Stretch your body and spine, legs, arms and neck before you ever get out of bed. While your body is fresh from sleep, stretch the muscles you’ll be using minutes later. Stretch and feel your body and don’t forget to be grateful for it. Our bodies are magnificent and each thought is a homage to good health and creates the honor your body deserves.

When you stand, stretch again. Reach for the ceiling, stretch and hold your muscles tight for a moment. Feel how delicious they relax once you let them do so. Our muscles must hold us up all day, doing whatever we ask of them. They also hold the stress. They become acidic and tight when we let stress into our lives.

Eat fresh and living foods – Being gentle and kind with your body means feeding it right. Good whole fresh foods, organic when possible and light on the dairy and starch, will ensure you feel better and are more able to disallow stress into your life. Avoid additives and preservatives, learn to eat lighter and more frequent meals and make sure that at least 60% of your daily food intake is composed of fresh fruits and vegetables. By taking in fresh live foods, you not only get more nutrients from them, but you also take in fiber and oxygen.

Be kind to your body. Treat it as we’d advise a friend to do with their own body. Treat it as we’d want others to treat it. It’s your only body on this journey. Medicine has made great advances, but they aren’t giving out new bodies….yet. Be kind to your body. Love it, care for it and de-stress it. Stress will ultimately be listed in our society as the number one killer. Let’s learn to counter that trend and still our body and mind.

Your thoughts are the key. Without organizing them, you continue in mental chaos. Still your mind and your body will follow. Let the worries of the day fall away as you begin to seek more and more still moments, stealing them when you can.

Once you become proficient at stilling your thoughts and relaxing your body, watch how fulfilled and happy you stay. Enjoy the stillness. Life isn’t about hurry. Life’s about Joy.

2013 – J Thompson

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