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Just as any work is affected by influences upon its creator, the growth of spirituality can deeply shift a writer’s perspective. Those writers who embrace beliefs of the New Age will often notice their style change. They find their focus has narrowed while treatment of that focus expands greatly. For instance, people whose spirituality is touching or has imbedded itself in the metaphysical examinations of this Age of Aquarius see many of life’s larger issues in a different light. Birth, death, love, children….these pieces of the human condition are viewed in very different ways as older beliefs are shed either rapidly or more subtly.

The basic foundation of much of what we call the New Age is very simple in its essence. As with most conceptual philosophies of our history, the principle common to “branches” of new age thought is the principle of karma. Incorporated in the larger picture of the contemporary view of karma we find many other basic laws that teach essentially the same thing – the native expression… walk a mile in your neighbor’s moccasins; the wiccan rede…and it harm none, do what ye will; the Christian tenet…do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Today’s meaning of the word “karma” teaches a rather generalized principle of knowing that what you put out into the universe comes back to you. (Some believe times three…others times ten, etc.) But in its basic form, karma teaches the same lesson as the examples shown above. Having said that, try to imagine a writer who’s perspective has shifted to one of karmic balance. Their work could change as drastically as a member of the NRA throwing weapons away and joining ranks with a group of animal rights activists. On the subtle end, a writer may employ more debate, balance and non-judgment. They may become capable of presenting both sides of an issue or discussion much more comfortably.

Of course, the true magic of balanced spirituality and a sense of peace may very well lie in the self-confidence a writer gains as a result of this new perspective. Believing him or herself to be one with the universe, of being a part of a much greater Force can imbibe the work with a different kind of “magic”. A flow; a course following an independent line in reasoning. A continuity that might otherwise be inhibited by rhetoric and more rigid dogma.

Learning to view the world in terms reciprocal energy flow opens the writer to a whole universe of new thought processes, new behaviors and new perspectives. The writer in this New Age has at their fingertips, an entirely new overview from which to draw material.

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