Q – I got a reading done a few years ago and the man told me that I was psychic. Is there a way to be sure? How can I know? MW

A – Psychic ability can develop slowly though your life, or a sudden onset such as happens after an accident or out-of-body experience. Things can be confusing at first, but usually you have an idea that your sixth sense or psychic hunches are showing you a world not everyone has tapped into.

Journaling helps. Keep track of your thoughts, insights, hunches, visions and so on. Document the odder moments, so-called coincidences. Keep track of your experiences.

Read as much as you can about psychic ability, mediumship and similar topics. It seems that the teacher always shows up when the student needs them. Stay aware and have fun with it.

Q – I have weird experiences when I’m near people who are in pain or emotionally hurt. It’s like I hurt with them. What’s going on? GL

A – You’re an Empath – one who can feel the feelings of another. Both physical and emotional pain and joy. Once you’re aware of it, you begin to shield yourself when needed. Don’t forget to offload the energy of another. It’s not yours and so acts like a toxin. Hug a tree, walk in the grass, take a hot shower…whatever cleansing activity that works for you; use it and shed the energy you’ve taken in.

Q – I’d like to learn how to read Tarot cards. Is it just about memorizing the meanings of each one? ES

A – Learning the card’s meaning is important, yes, but remember that the longer you work with the Tarot, the closer you will become to them. The meanings and their nuances will become more and more familiar. You’ll find yourself “feeling” them, more than just regurgitating their meanings. The combinations, position and direction of the cards begin to blend for smooth and clear interpretations.