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The-Good-Wife-Season-7  I love watching series online, because I’m able to do episode after episode, as I choose. I love it.

Orange is the New Black new seasons don’t last two days with me. I completely devoured the UK version of Shameless recently and was pining once it was done. Pining for a new juicy series that I could sink my teeth into…doesn’t sound like a tough ask. It took a few weeks, but as I was flipping though some lists on IMDB.com  I came across The Good Wife.

Being a fan of Julianna Margulies’ since her days as Nurse Hathoway on ER, I decided to give the series a shot. In its favour, seven seasons sat waiting for me…seven long seasons, about 22 episodes per. A very definite bonus, in my opinion.

So I began, giant coffee in hand. I am blessed enough to be able to watch something while I work, as there is time between clients.

The Good Wife is a wonderful series, the writing is solid, the characters believable, and for those ladies and gents who loved Chris Noth in Sex And The City, he plays “the bad husband”.

The story-line grabbed me and has held me solid. I’m mid-fourth season and will continue until I have to be patient each week for more.

Alan Cummings and Christine Baranski round out a superb cast. Many of the guest characters are played by very recognizable actors. Some you’ll remember from True Blood…they seemed to snag a number of faces from that series. Others come and go from the story-line, but I haven’t seen a “bad” performance yet.

A really entertaining series, The Good Wife gets a full five coffee cups up from me.

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