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Elbowgate, as the Canadian press is calling the accidental shove our Prime Minister gave to a female member of parliament earlier this week, has become a monster in the streets of Ottawa, akin to Godzilla. It has taken on preposterous proportions and has made a whole lot of people look silly, with the exception of Trudeau, who has apologized more than a few times.

Enough already. For the love of all that is Canadian, enough already, eh.

It happened. It does not mean he’s nasty. Or belligerent. Or taking away “safe space” from the women members.

And women of our parliament….grow a pair please. If you’re going to politic with equal voice, you best be ok with an ACCIDENTAL shove and quit whinging about safe spaces, etc.

NO special treatment, bitches.

What should have been a minor story on the second page has become absurd.

Let us move on to more important issues.


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