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As a believer of reincarnation, I feel strongly that past life experiences show up in our present life. An unreasonable fear of water, a bumpy relationship with food, hording, odd relationship to money, connections with times, places, cultures. All of these things are only a small sampling of what kinds of experiences, feelings, and traits can come through from past lives.

I’ve been following the Rachel Dolezal case for a long while now and find it likely the most blatant example of past life influence I’ve ever come across.

This is a white woman who was born in Montana to white parents. She, for whatever reasons, identifies strongly with black culture. She has been asked to explain her reasons; she’s been asked to explain what she calls “transracial” and I haven’t heard a concrete explanation yet from her. She sits in a no-man’s land with both the black and white communities vilifying her.

She is a master painter. Her work is exceptional. Go look it up if you haven’t seen it. It is astounding. It’s all about black struggle, black beauty, black history.

Some claim she is appropriating culture. That’s a very over-used term that is also just as often used incorrectly.

What if one or more of her past lives was lived as an african or african american. What if she fully knows that experience or struggle. But isn’t sure why she knows it. She simply identifies with it.

I’ve known of folks who dress a certain era, or live as though they remember a time….etc. What is so odd about this woman living the memories she has of past lives as a black individual.

You can believe or disbelieve in reincarnation. I’m not here to convince you.

But what if…

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