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I am here to pay tribute to the passing of my Right Eye. Its absence will be sorely noticed; its passing leaves a giant void in my perspective. Its tenacity and fight up to the very end is inspirational for all the difficulty we face in life. It bears its own scars, not from vivid memories of things it should perhaps not have seen, but from memories it sees through a veil; regret, impatience, sadness.

Overshadowing those, however, is the steady stream of images my Right Eye saw in its venerable lifetime. The faces of my daughters as I welcomed them into the world, the look of intense lust in the eyes of lovers along the way, my name on a degree and on books, the paintings and drawings my Right Eye provided perspective for, and so many more things…too many to list.

It held out through glaucoma, cataracts and detached retinas.
It held out through a lifetime of hard use and not enough thanks.
It held out through buckets of happy tears and sad tears.
It helped to mark my life with visual images I will always possess.

I will miss my Right Eye and I thank it for giving me incredible strength and perspective through its lifetime. It helped keep me balanced and whole. Yes, I will miss it.

My Left Eye and I will survive. With a bedazzled eye patch and a hearty “AARRR!” we will keep calm and carry on.



2017- J. Thompson