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I tackled a mountain of paperwork this morning first thing, while Dr. Phil droned on in the background.  And it caught my attention.

Some woman was on, pushing something even worse than the crap Paltrow peddles….something she calls ‘Jilly Juice’  This liquid is a mixture of cabbage, water, and salt; fermented, and ingested.

The quantity of salt is the real danger, but I’ll go back to that in a moment.

This woman, Jillian ‘MaiThi’ Epperly, is an unqualified, non-degreed, web-educated narcissist who claims her juice can-

-Regrow limbs and organs
-Living to 400
-Reversing, “healing” or in other words, cure any and all diseases and genetic mutations.
-“Cure” homosexuality

Let that sink in a moment.

And people are believing her and are drinking this massive amount of salt. There have been reports of stroke and extremely high blood pressure as a result.  No deaths YET.  Some of these people are even giving it to their kids daily.

It apparently begins with what Jilly calls “waterfalls” …or in normal terms, explosive diarrhea, although she denies they are experiencing diarrhea, but a detoxing through the bowels… in other words Jilly, explosive diarrhea.

I’m not denying in any way that cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables we can eat.  But this quantity and combination can be a danger to people with various issues, such as high bp, heart issues, and kidney issues.  But Jilly doesn’t say anything about that in her material.  Her non-educated, web-“researched” content.

Things like this are a danger.  I am not a closed person when it comes to alternative therapies (I have my Master Herbalist)  but the outrageous claims she makes are just stupid.  Truly idiotic.  We’re not lobsters…we don’t regrow our hands.

People need to stay aware and do REAL research before they listen to bullshit and put concoctions into their bodies without proof.