My grandmother used to say “drunk men and babies tell the truth” and I grew up with that belief.  Frankly, nothing has proven it incorrect in my life so far, so we’ll keep it there with my other life hacks.

There once was a woman from Lethbridge, Alberta, who thought it would be a good idea to act the fool in a Denny’s one evening not too long ago.  She decided to unleash all her week’s (months, years?) frustrations out on three immigrant men, spewing racist and hateful comments at them, not leaving them alone.   View vid

They did not respond in kind.  Their responses were measured and calm.

This is not Canada.  Although more and more in the western hemisphere racism seems to be growing….thanks to hate mongers like Trump.  But to see it in Canada still shocks.  Like that vile woman who insisted on a “white doctor”.   View vid

Yes, over my six decades, I’ve seen racism in different forms.  Our family, when I was young, was multi-racial, so racism never occurred to me.  But watching the hot spots that are popping up now, it’s shameful.

The Denny’s woman lost her job when her bosses saw her disgusting rant.  Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

And guess what her defense was….”I’d been drinking”.  No lady, you’re upset your rant went viral.  What you spoke…are your real feelings.  Booze didn’t make you lie, honey.  It shoved YOUR truth out of your big mouth.  Hopefully this will teach you a lesson.


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