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This little blue planet third from the sun has some very weird uniting points. Humans are odd.

As a collective, we united to push back against the hypocracy of an animal rights organization over its insults toward a true animal advocate. Steve Irwin awakened people to amazing creatures. To their habitats, habits, plights, and magic. Peta doesn’t even show up as a blip on the Irwin screen. Not even a blip.

We shed a collective tear over a machine who’s batteries ran out of power, 160 million miles away. I thought I was the only one crying over the words programed into a robotic machine, and yet, that day, the internet was full of people expressing the same thing.

I think we cried because of its unbelievable distance. So vast is space, that our minds really can’t conceive of the distance from here to Mars. And I believe we cried because of the aloneness of that place. A robot yes, but still a piece of us…a piece of humanity. Still a part of us. Up there, all alone.

And so, for brief moments in our history, we connect through a common emotion, over the oddest things. But we connect.