(Reprinted by request)


It always fascinated me, watching my mother fold her whites. They sparkled, no matter how old. My father’s undershirts would be as white as the day she bought them.

Years later, I looked at my family’s dingy socks and greyish pillow cases, wondering where I went wrong. So I decided to ask mom her secret.
My mother shared her secret and my white loads of laundry have sparkled since that day.

So simple….ready?

Wash your load of white laundry first. Use laundry soap and make absolutely sure you use nothing else. No softeners or bleaches.

And…make sure the load is white. Not grey and white or pink and white or a blue shoelace thrown in. White clothes only.

Wash through once on warm/cold.

Then, do the same load with a small amount of laundry soap and a cap or three of bleach.

Sparkly whites….like the background of the page you’re reading. Blind-you whites. Need sunglasses whites. Amazing.

Apparently bleach has a habit of setting dirt. I don’t have all the science studies to back this claim up, (science slaves will just have to deal) but I have whiter-than-white whites.

So, there you have it. Not a clever or funny or heart-touching post, but incredibly useful information.

Happy laundry day!

# # #