(list subject to change without notice…)

A few bits –

I absolutely treasure my little dog, Bean.
I love to dance.
I am an multi-media artist.  I paint with watercolour and acrylic.  I draw with anything I have at hand.  My art is vital to my well being.
I write daily.
I am a pluviophile.
I’ve got this lady Frankenstein streak in my hair (amid the ever-growing plethora of gray) that shoots out from my left temple. I love it.
I prefer wearing broom skirts or other Bohemian-type apparel, but end up in tights and enormous t-shirts much of the time.
I like each decade better than the last. That’s the nicest thing I could wish on anyone.
I have a four and a half pound Maltese named Bean, my friend, my companion.
I live with a house cat named Socks who’s magical. He hangs in the reading room most of the time.
I have a real thing for fireplaces. I love them.
I love big band music.
Coffee is a weakness of mine.
I prefer to do my own pedicures.
Olives rule.
I still haven’t decided what I want to be when I grow up
I love mountains
and oceans
Mirrors either are with me or they’re not. I can tell immediately if I like a mirror and want it around. Otherwise they’re useless. Doorways to boredom.
I had a very wild youth. The seventies and eighties were in their own way amazing.
I love disco, but don’t tell anyone.


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