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1. Learn the scientific explanation for the Equinox. We all learned it as children, but perhaps we need a refresher now and again. The different paths each celebrate a new and fresh world awakening, in some way or another. Begin your celebration by adding to your store of knowledge. It serves to enrich faith.

2. Repot your houseplants. They would love you for it. Each has been sitting in a closed in house for the winter and just as we all seem to crave a refreshed environment in the spring, so do your plants. An organic fertilizer would be well introduced about this time. The hours of daylight are getting longer, so don’t forget to give them just a touch more water. Coffee grounds and egg shells blended together promote healthy roots and feed the soil. Rich in minerals and calcium, it need only be spread on top. The watering will seep it through.

3. Learn the first ten moves in a Tai Chi form. The fluid motion you must concentrate to achieve eventually becomes a part of you and serves as a Meditation. Not aerobic, Tai Chi appeals to many who suffer joint pain or chronic aches. There is more than enough evidence today to prove that regularly active people live longer.

4. Do a juice and fruit fast for 24 hours. Unless you’re on a restricted or prescribed diet, one full day of fruit and vegetable juices and raw fruit cleanse your system, your colon, your pallet and your mind. Many people fast for three days, but you should gain experience first. Try one day increments. See how you feel as your system flushes itself out. Spring is a time for cleansing.

5. Have a family conference. No matter how much effort it takes. Plan the meal (serving food is a form of love to many people) , the forums and the discussions. Be together, talk together. Relax together.

6. Get all your paperwork caught up. Everyone gets behind at some point. For many of us it’s over the winter months. Our desks get piled up with the filing, correspondence, and such. Sort it out and put things away. Clear your work space or desk area. Refresh the atmosphere. Blow out the cobwebs.

7. Make something. Use a talent you have to create one new thing. It only has to be one. But the act of creating, of giving birth to something is a most appropriate way to celebrate the Equinox.

8. Send a “thinking of you “ card to all your friends. Snail mail or email, give them an extra something to smile about.

9. Write a letter to a loved one. Tell them exactly how much they mean to you. Let them know that their presence in your life has enriched yours. Let them know how much you think of them. People blossom when they realize they make an positive contribution.

10. Stand before the Universe. Pledge yourself once again to your faith, your path, your Self. Know in your heart that you open yourself to the wonder around you. To the growth. The blossoming. The life that is all around you.

Copyright 2000 – Reprinted by Request